WRL have designed, manufactured, and installed sealed grain sheds over the last 10 years and have continually refined the design and installation methods to improving the sealing properties, and to reduce the time it takes install on site. 

Our grain sheds are superior to Tarpaulins and other lower cost methods because we provide a solid impenetrable barrier to vermin and are not vulnerable to rips or tears like plastic sheeting and other materials. Our sheds are a long term solution and are built to last for years to come. They are multi function and can be used to store machinery, various grains or use as another work area.   

WRL Engineering is well known for our quality workmanship in Western NSW area. We have been in business for over 20 years and have successfully completed many major jobs for the local Warren Shire and surrounding farmers. Our sealed grain sheds have been popular, with happy customers as a result. 

Patent Pending no. 2021221824

With a WRL Sealed Grain Storage Shed you will experience the following benefits:

  • Choose when you want to sell your crop, or part of it, to maximise the price you receive for your hard work during the year.
  • A crop that is safely stored and not exposed to risk by storm damage or vermin infestation
  • Ability to treat the crop against weevils, quickly, and safely.
  • Having an extra shed during the year to store machinery or use otherwise

Heavy duty grain sheds:

  • Manufactured in Australia using quality Australian One Steel products.
  • Ranging form 3000 tonne to 10,000 tonne.
  • Our sheds are manufactured out of universal beam for long life, strength and easy maintenance.
  • Height at shed centre is 8.2mtrs with a 23 degree roof pitch.
  • Shed span is 18mtrs with eave height of 4mtrs
  • Custom designed locking system.
  • Sheds can be finished with an enclosed ends or double doors (8 mtrs x 5.2mtrs)
  • Specialised Sealing System

Optional Extras:

  • Side wall inlets for taking grain out of the shed
  • Grain chutes for feeding grain through the roof.
  • Walkways with safety rails
  • Bulk heads
  • Gunnedah 3
  • Walgett
  • Croppa Creek
  • Gunnedah 2
  • Gunnedah 1
  • Landmark
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